(Notes from an ecstatically happy writer whose husband thinks she is writing about him in her books.)

The other day I got an email from a reader telling me how much she enjoyed my sex scenes. Let me tell you, I was totally blown away.

Writing the sex scenes has to be one of the toughest jobs an author has. You would think because of the fun and sexual nature of it those scenes would just flow… not so.

First, like everyone, sex is a subject we keep private. It is intimate and between the partners involved. If you love that person, you instinctively do not want to share those moments with the world. Those are treasured moments you keep between you and your partner exclusively.

Second, if you are scripting the scene, you do not want to be redundant. You want each encounter to be fresh, alive, and titillating. It is like choreographing a grand ballet full of vigor, passion, and fluidity while maintaining the emotional arc high and staying classy and vibrant.

So give it a try. Take pen and paper and sit down to write such a scene. You must consider that the goal is always the same… how to insert the same puzzle piece in its place and make it exciting. I often think of writing a sex scene as poetry. You have to make it sound beautiful and sensual and make each word transport the reader to a heavenly place. Be sure to give consideration to the five senses—sight, touch, taste, hearing, and smell. They all come into play when writing a sex scene.

Accuracy is important. You need to orchestrate the playing around —from seduction to wild need before the final goal. Sometimes, you might need to ask for the help of a “volunteer” (your partner). Where does his hand go, where do your lips land… You know what I mean. I am sure you have read scenes where you end up thinking… they just made a human pretzel! That’s not possible!

So, yes, these scenes are not easy. But when you write one that works for both you and the reader, it’s truly an orgasmic moment. After writing some of these scenes, I cannot help but wonder how they would work in real life. That is the time I love the most! I sometimes get to choreograph it for real with my beloved “volunteer.” LOL! I am human after all!

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