Here’s an excerpt of upcoming #EndlessLove. It takes place at Ryan’s best friend, Duffy’s wedding. YES….there’s a paranormal element…remember the Demi Moore/Patrick Swayze movie Ghost?? An inspiration. I’m over halfway done. Can’t wait to bring it to you, my Belles. Let me know what you think. <3
“Allee!” I gasped. “What are you doing here?”
She folded her arms across her chest, looking not too pleased to see me.
“I’m always here, Madewell. I just don’t always manifest myself. I hide in a pocket of your heart. I like it there; it’s warm and cozy.”
“Why can’t I always see you?”
“Only certain things make me appear. To be present.”
“L-like that Jason Mraz song?” My voice was shaky.
“Yes, like that song. I keep it on replay.”
I, in contrast, never played it. I couldn’t. It held too many sad memories for me.
“Madewell, why did you ditch Willow?”
“Allee, I fell apart the minute I recognized the song. I couldn’t breathe.”
“You seem to be breathing just fine.” Her voice dripped with her signature sexy sarcasm.
“You don’t understand. It was a trigger.” Dr. Goodman had taught me that word.
“Yes, I do. It’s understandable, but you have to understand that I’m never going to dance with you again to that song. Or to any song for that matter.”
My chest tightened and I felt weighted down by my two-ton heart. Allee was right. She was always right.
“Listen, Madewell, the A-For-Allee Plan didn’t work.”
It sure as fuck didn’t. It was an epic fail. A tragedy.
“It’s time for Plan B.”
“Plan B?”
“Plan B as in B-E…Be. It’s time to exist, Madewell. To live your life. Life isn’t going to be here forever. Trust me, that’s the one thing I know for sure.
My heart stuttered. I knew that too. Too damn well.
“Life passes by quickly, so don’t waste it.”
I processed her words. I was almost thirty-five and still floundering in a sea of grief.
“Willow…she’s good for you. I really like her.”
“You do?”
“Yeah, I do.”
“What should I do? I fucked up. I stormed off the dance floor and left her alone.”
“What I want you to do.”
My bossie Allee.
“Go back to the wedding and find her. Tell her you’re sorry. Tell her the truth.”
“Then what?”
A smile glowed on Allee’s angelic face. How I wished I could still feel her lips…touch her skin… smooth her hair…
“Go on your journey to happiness, Madewell. I’ll be waiting for you at the end.”
And with that, she magically disappeared.