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THAT MAN: Matrimonial Misadventures Books 6-8



THAT MAN: Matrimonial Misadventures Books 6-8

“The best series I’ve ever read!”—BookBub Reviewer

Scorchin’ hot Blake Burns and his tiger Jen are back in these three steamy, laugh-out-loud matrimonial misadventures. And so is his zany, oversexed Grandma!

Things are hotter than ever…but what can go wrong does go wrong.

Book 6: When Blake and Jen fly to the Maldives to celebrate their anniversary, they barely escape a crash landing. Marooned on a deserted island without food, Wi-Fi or sex toys, will they survive the life-threatening forces of nature?

Book 7: When a night of enraptured sex turns into a f***ing nightmare, THAT MAN may lose his beloved wife. And something else he can’t live without!

Book 8: When Blake and Jen get a dog, they get more than they bargained for. Meet panty-loving Scout…the world’s worst dog! Alpha bad boy Blake has met his match. THAT DOG!

Don’t miss out on this unputdownable box set. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and swoon!

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