Nelle L'Amour





The madcap adventures of scorchin’ hot Blake Burns and his tiger continue in this new full-length standalone novel. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and swoon!

When an unsettling burglary occurs, Jen begs for a dog. Blake reluctantly agrees.

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Right? Wrong!

Meet Scout…the world’s worst dog! The sixty-pound Lab mix drives Blake bananas—from devouring his gazillion dollar leather loafers to stealing Jen’s scanty panties. And that’s just for starters! Alpha bad boy Blake has met his match. THAT DOG!

Be sure to have two hankies nearby…one to fan yourself and one to dab your tears while you read the most steamy, hilarious, and heartwarming installment of the THAT MAN series.

NOTE: You can absolutely read and enjoy this book without reading prior books in the series. If you loved MARLEY AND ME, you will love THAT MAN 8 even more!

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