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THE HEAT IS ON! Eeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!! Baby Daddy is almost here! Hot and hilarious, this new romantic comedy will make you laugh, cry, and swoon! PRE-ORDER NOW and save money! B&N: Kobo:...

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Hope you all had a great summer. Mine was a little crazy— went on a whirlwind East Coast college tour with my twin girls and hubby, and while I was there, I launched a new standalone book —The Big O,  which is available as both an ebook and paperback.  I also wrote...

THE BIG O is almost here!

Make sure to check out the first chapter of my new book ~ THE BIG O Meet Owen and Olive this week on August 4th when THE BIG O releases at all retailers! GOODREADS LINK: The Big...

Tuesday Teaser!

TUESDAY TEASER “I lost my virginity to a stranger on a train.” ~TRAINWRECK by Nelle L’Amour 06. 02. 16 Goodreads Links: Trainwreck #1

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